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Portfolio overview

Trade fair Construction Solutions

We ensure our customers’ presence before the world press and their clientèle is perfect. We provide a one-of-a-kind environment that is hand-crafted to technical perfection, evoking emotional responses in the exhibition industry.

Event Solutions

Making the impossible possible. We "wow" your audiences. We help our customers stand out in their uniqueness in some of the most extraordinary places in the world, ensuring outstanding event experiences along the way.

Object Solutions

Distinguished by form and functionality, design and longevity, we have perfected the art of shining the spotlight on our customers. From furniture solutions to complete showrooms. We create brandscapes.

Process sequence overview

  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Detail
  • Create & Logistic
  • Build & Install
We start off with our meet and greet to define customer requests and requirements. This is followed by an extensive project analysis during the design and draft phase. In addition budget-oriented preliminary planning, we also provide you with technical consulting and assess your options for implementing the design. Our key solutions include all individual booth sections, such as product presentations and integration, meet and greet zones, catering zones, all the way up to complete office solutions.
As the project progresses, we then perform a location check with the corresponding technical measurements. In this phase, we begin the overall technical planning, and define and develop the perfect detailed solutions. The design is generally implemented using leading CAD systems and programs. We integrate customer exhibits into the design specifications. This also includes advising customers on materials and sampling. Interface management for all multidisciplinary areas is included, as is HR, scheduling and resource planning with scheduled targets. The applicable local construction regulations, statics and conditions are also integrated in the planning process, and we handle all coordination and structuring.
We are able to individually and professionally process any conceivable material with our state-of-the-art machinery. External manufacturing is performed exclusively by our trustworthy and reliable partner suppliers, who all meet our quality standards. Providing detailed documentation and drafting assembly plans come standard with us. Every item is safely protected and shipped exclusively in specially designed transport crates and items can be shipped on time to any location worldwide by ship, truck or plane. Rest assured that we will take care of all customs clearances and coordinate things directly on your behalf on site.
The fourth project sees us perform qualified construction monitoring on site with our skilled team of staff. As your point of contact, we are also available to provide you with support during trade fairs as part of our service package. At the end of the trade fair, we take the same level of care in overseeing the complete dismantling and return transport of your booth, including storage and modification of re-usable system components. We always perform our dismantling work in accordance with the principles of sustainable resources recycling. Each step of the process reflects the highest quality and precision that have earned BW-Messebau its stellar global reputation.

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